Just twenty-eight days into the new year and guess what? Some are facing an inordinate amount of stress, fear, anxiety, self-loathing, doubt, and confusion.  Some (not any of us) have already given up and just can’t take any more.  The societal pressures of perfection, planning, goals, resolutions, and vision are just too much to bear.  Some are falling down the rabbit hole of comparison and questioning their self-worth.  How did we arrive here in just twenty-eight days?

B R E A T H E! The good news is there is still a possibility of 337 days before we find ourselves vested in these same activities.  Let’s be grateful that we don’t have to have it all done by today or tomorrow. The start of a new year is so full of new possibilities that we set our sites on. We have the feeling we can do anything, and the truth is we absolutely CAN with some planning. So how do we keep the plans of these past 28 days FRESH and going strong for the whole year?

Are you JOYFULLY focused for 2018?  Do you have focus, determination and most important – YOUR PLAN?  Are you calmly and easily moving into this new time with the utmost JOY?!  This is a great time to be still, to be quiet and to let the ideas, the next steps, and divine knowing unfold.  This seems like a perfect time to get to know YOU.  This is a perfect time to check in and see what you want and what you need. Yes, we are all aware and engaged in the focus of 2018.  We are getting it all together so that we won’t feel like failures before February arrives.  Coach Trina and I were having this very conversation.

So, this is our time to JOYFULLY focus ourselves on 2018.  What would that look like you might inquire? The world the outside is not responsible for your you truthfully, nothing in the outside world can disturb or steal your joy!  Source, Spirit your connection to the divine is your source of joy.  Our JOY is our internal well, and it overflows with all the JOY we need.  I AM JOY!  So, during this very busy time, we can always rely on our skills.

Keep reading, I think I have some TIPS that will help us all Stay Intentionally Focused.

  1. Have a Plan– Big dreams, big vision with small actionable and accomplishable steps towards the dreams. Make a reasonable plan with small steps. See the book One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer Ph.D.  The purpose of having a plan is to stay inspired and motivated, avoid becoming overwhelmed, or giving up.  It’s always beautiful to see progress and accomplishment.
  2. Get a Partner – Group movement is powerful. So, if you can seek support from a friend, a ReFRESH buddy, a ReFRESH Coach, a new partner you met in ReFRESH.  Seek out support from someone who can understand and provide positive support.  Accountability partners are beneficial.  Please don’t worry about asking for help, we all need a little help. The purpose of having a partner is to gain support, stay on track, and share the journey. Check your progress and celebrate the small steps with your partner.
  3. REVIEW the plan – Whether a vision board or a planner, look at it on a consistent basis. Vision boards make it easy to see your dreams.  The purpose of reviewing the plan is to remember your heartfelt dreams and to stay intentionally focused on the plan you created for your life.
  4. Write down and create time for the dream! Be intentional about getting small steps done.  Set and make time on your schedule to be committed to YOU.  Decide how to make the time to stay intentionally focused during each day and during each week.  The purpose of writing it down and creating time is to create a habit out of the steps. Plan, schedule and execute the plan.  Having it on a schedule means it will not slip away and you will get done.
  5. Be very kind to yourself! Treat yourself like you treat others. Be kind, affirming, positive and encouraging to yourself. Love you and treat yourself like a baby.  Say kind words and give loving strokes to yourself for waking up each day with heart, purpose, intention, and love.  BE GENTLE.  CHILL!!!!  When you fall off the plan as we all do; let that be an opportunity to regroup and refocus.  The purpose of loving yourself is to accept where you are in the present moment.
  6. Treat every month as if it is New Year’s. Begin again and recommit to the plan on the 1st of each month.  Make it a simple activity.  Perhaps a standing date with your accountability partner. A time to celebrate with YOURSELF or a friend. The purpose is to stay on the plan and enjoy the journey.
  7. Treat YOURSELF – In your plan, set a time to practice self- care rituals that you love. Set time and plan activities and help you feel ReFRESHED, excited, relaxed, recommitted, motivated, inspired and rejuvenated!  Be good to you! The purpose of treating yourself is to keep your mind in the game and keep moving forward.
  8. Keep Going!

This is a special time for seeking out our heartfelt dreams, having the courage to make ourselves the priority, and commiting to a mindful, intentional and joy filled journey.  ReFRESH reminds you to look in your HANDBAG for the tips to JOY and enjoy the JOURNEY.  Best wishes for creating a beautiful life, filled with heartfelt dreams and incredible adventures and loved ones to share it all with.

With tremendous love for your plan and your dreams realized!

Helen I. Mitchell, CMP, MA
JOY Expert
Speaker, Event Producer
Servant Leader