#ReFreshJoy This Holiday Season

What YOU Focus on Expands
Have you noticed that when you plant a thought in your mind, it expands! For example, if I become focused on a type of car, everywhere I look I find that car in my view. I was never focused on that car in the past and now I see it everywhere I go! Or perhaps a song gets in your head and you find yourself humming that tune or singing that tune or hearing that tune everywhere. Well it stands to reason that “what we focus on expands.”

With that in mind I have a challenge for you! Together, let’s find JOY in all the places in our world. This holiday season, let’s set our intention on FINDING JOY. I have seen JOY literally every day. I am so focused on JOY that the wonderful mother/father universe meets me where my focus is, and this happens to be on JOY.

CHALLENGE: Be mindful and intentional about seeing and bringing to your awareness SIGNS of JOY. It is the holiday season, yes, it is and if you set that intention to focus and find signs of JOY; it becomes a FUN and exciting game. I hope it will. You are using this very simple example of how the seeds we plant can bear the fruit of our focus and intention. We will use this challenge to demonstrate how we can focus our attention on anything and find it expanding to realize heartfelt dreams.!

SO, let’s get started – Let’s look for all the places we see an expression of JOY! Just open your heart and check out ALL the places you will see JOY!!!

Start TODAY until – January 5th, 2018

  1. Right now, as you read the challenge center yourself, quiet your mind! Whisper a little intention to yourself to be opening to seeing as many places where JOY is present and makes itself present for YOU!
  2. Begin being PRESENT for JOY! Open yourself to seeing JOY!
  3. Take a picture of all the opportunities where JOY find you its way to YOU!
  4. POST YOUR JOY pictures on Instagram with the tag #ReFreshJoy.
  5. January 5th, you will be asked to submit how many pictures and JOY sightings you witnessed?  SO, count all the pictures and opportunities you found JOY
  6. January 5th submit the TOTAL to [email protected]
  7. January 6th – the day of the ReFresh Your Life Vision Workshop – for 18 ONLY we will announce the winner. We will also announce and post the winner.

I am in Barcelona and just left Paris here are some of examples of how JOY has found me!

With Love Helen Mitchell – JOY EXPERT!