Just twenty-eight days into the new year and guess what? Some are facing an inordinate amount of stress, fear, anxiety, self-loathing, doubt, and confusion.  Some (not any of us) have already given up and just can’t take any more.  The societal pressures of perfection, planning, goals, resolutions, and vision are just too much to bear.  Some are falling down the rabbit hole of comparison and questioning their self-worth.  How did we arrive here in just twenty-eight days? B R E A T H E! The good news is there is still a possibility of 337 days before we find ourselves vested in these same activities.  Let’s be grateful that we don’t have to have it all done by today or […]

#ReFreshJoy This Holiday Season

What YOU Focus on Expands ​​ Have you noticed that when you plant a thought in your mind, it expands! For example, if I become focused on a type of car, everywhere I look I find that car in my view. I was never focused on that car in the past and now I see it everywhere I go! Or perhaps a song gets in your head and you find yourself humming that tune or singing that tune or hearing that tune everywhere. Well it stands to reason that “what we focus on expands.” With that in mind I have a challenge for you! Together, let’s find JOY in all the places in our world. This holiday season, let’s set […]

Mom Moments

Facebook LIVE Presentation for The Innovative Mom Group during November “Self Care Month”. Blog Presented 11/8/17 by Helen I. Mitchell, CMP, MA Co Founder of The ReFRESH Experience and JOY Expert.   Mom Moments of Self Care Hello everyone – those watching live and those who will absorb this presentation when their schedules permit.  I am Helen Mitchell; JOY Expert and Co-Founder of the ReFRESH Experience – an amazing retreat experience where we focus on intentional and joyful living. I am a MOM. I am a wife. And I am consciously present for this time with each and every one of YOU! So, as I was thinking about my time with you today I realized something that is very simple […]

“Grandma’s Refreshing” by Thomasina Neely-Chandler at Refresh 2017

  I lift my hands in praise to you, For all the things You brought me through,   The good the bad, And for all I had, I lift my hands in praise to you.   You held me close Throughout my fears And through your love I felt God near,   Every day in my own way I lift my life in joy to you!   Grandma you have blessed me, Grandma you have blessed me, Grandma you have blessed me,   I lift my hands in praise to you, I lift my life in joy to you❤

Checkout Coach Trina Lewis in TWELVE Magazine!

See our very own ReFRESH Expert, Coach Trina Lewis, in the September edition of TWELVE Magazine! Get tips for “Living With Intention” and Mind-Body success. Read the full article at (click Magazine View) page 28-29!!! Photo @rayejacksonphotography. Location @portervalleycc. Creative Assistant @lisamartinahead